Nordex Doors

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Spray Polishing

Nordex can supply doors pre-finished in either a painted or a clear finish. We can also provide timber veneers colour-matched / stained and colour-blended to match samples.

Precatalysed Lacquer.
One component Precatalysed Lacquer is available in matt to gloss finishes. Precatalysed Lacquer offers good build, a silky surface finish and excellent flexibility properties.

Acid Catalysed Lacquer
Two-component Acid Catalysed Lacquer is high build, providing a tough, durable but flexible surface. For protection against colour change of the timber substrate, caused by UV/sun light, a UV prohibitor can also be added.

Polyurethane finishes
Polyurethane two-component coating provides excellent durability and resistance properties, particularly against heat and moisture with excellent surface hardness. The finish contains low yellowing hardeners designed specifically to reduce the yellowing of the coating itself. For protection against colour change of the timber substrate a UV prohibitor can also be added.

Acrylic Non-Yellowing Polyurethane
Acrylic Non-Yellowing Polyurethane is a water white product offering excellent non-yellowing characteristics making it ideal for applications on light timbers. The product provides good surface hardness, good moisture resistance and exceptional smoothness.

Acrylic Non-yellowing Polyurethane also provides substrate protection from colour change due to UV light exposure with UV prohibitors added in the manufacturing process.

Low VOC Coatings
These are available in single and two-component systems in a wide range of gloss levels.